FG Breakfast

A boiled or poached egg at the 2-star level - from Tuesday 25 June you can have breakfast from 7.30 in the morning at FG Restaurant in De Hofbogen Rotterdam. Master chef François Geurds is the first star chef to start with a high-quality breakfast service.

Homemade (sourdough) breads and croissants, the best ham in the world, cheeses of A-quality only. Nowhere is it better to wake up than in FG Restaurant. For those who want to treat themselves, there is caviar and champagne but FG Breakfast is not necessarily decadent. Juices, salads, pancakes, FG Breakfast is something for everyone.

The difference lies mainly in the execution, in the taste. The hollandaise sauce on the eggs benedict at FG Restaurant, you can lick your fingers at that. Everything is of course immaculate, and everything is prepared live. At FG Restaurant you don't stand in line for the buffet. Breakfast is served at the table at FG Restaurant. Guests can indicate what they feel like at the service behind the breakfast trolley. You pay for what you order. Small eaters are not disadvantaged. For those with an intolerance or allergy to gluten, there is plenty of choice.

The morning newspaper reads very well in the spacious swivel chairs of FG Restaurant. Breakfast can be served until 10:00. If you want to be assured of a breakfast chair, it is advisable to book in advance via 010-4250520 or via info@fgrestaurant.nl.