FG Food Labs

FG Food Labs (one Michelin star) is an attraction within an attraction, an impressive railway tunnel under the Rotterdam Hofbogen. Whether as a stopover (lunch) or as your final destination (dinner), this is one gastronomic journey you’ll always remember!

At FG Food Labs they are constantly looking for that one dish that evokes a special memory or creates a lasting feeling of well-being. A limitless dining experience, they aim for nothing less – every day anew.

In the area of flavor, no restaurant on Dutch soil is as advanced. The owner, top-chef François Geurds, is the only chef in the Dutch gastronomy with his own flavor laboratory. He experiments just as long as it takes until perfection is achieved; before that point the creation does not reach your plate.

FG Food Labs – designed by the acclaimed design company King Kongs – is renowned for its relaxed atmosphere, which is similar to that of a Spanish bodega. The setting is completed by high chairs and a vast bar above which hangs Josélito, the best ham in the world. The bar at FG Food Labs is as popular a place as some of bars in the best restaurants of Barcelona and San Sebastián – at the bar you belong, to Familia Geurds.

The terrace at FG Food Labs, a Big Pillows creation, deserves a place among the finest in the Netherlands. The lounge benches are made from bilinga, the outdoor tables are teak and the tall bar tables have been crafted from sourwood. The contoured seating and variation in heights lend an added dimension to the terrace.

At FG Food Labs, there is no dress code. You are every bit as welcome in sneakers as in stilettos. We’re firmly convinced that the ultimate dining experience has nothing to do with what a guest is wearing.

Would you like a private chauffeur to drive you home after you enjoy lunch or dinner, or would you prefer to be picked up in a limousine instead? It would be our pleasure to arrange your transportation.

We are also the proud recipient of a Rotterdam Marketing Award, presented in early 2017 by the mayor of Rotterdam, Ahmed Aboutaleb. According to the jury, we have put Rotterdam on the map when it comes to international fine dining.

We couldn’t have done it, however, without each of you. Guests are the lifeblood of any restaurant. We owe our success entirely to your support. You are therefore the reason we push our craft to the limits, each and every day.

You can visit the website of FG Food Labs here.

Katshoek 41
3032 AE Rotterdam
+31 10 425 0520